The 1st & 2nd Noble Truths: Bearing Witness & Exposing Unsustainable Energy Systems

The Inter Faith Forum for the Review of National Nuclear Policy

The Forum is a network of religious professionals (Buddhist, Christians and Shinto priests) from all parts of Japan working on anti-nuclear activities with 40 core representatives and over 800s members. Begun in 1993, its main purpose has been to rethink the political background of Japan’s nuclear policy. Since the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disasters of March 11, 2011, the Forum has provided emergency evacuation housing in temples and churches for children and pregnant mothers in the areas around the Fukushima nuclear power plants. One of the leaders of the forum is JNEB founding member Rev. Hidehito Okochi, a leader in creating sustainable economics and lifestyles from his Juko-in Temple and Edogawa Citizen’s Network in Tokyo. For more on their activities and viewpoints, click on the link above.

The Buddhist Anti-Nuclear Protest Movement in Japan: 

Voices from Fukushima:

Buddhist priests and temple followers have worked selflessly for supporting their community members and trying to rebuild their areas in the wake of the disaster.

From the volume Lotus in the Nuclear Sea: Fukushima and the Promise of Buddhism in the Nuclear Age

Other Articles:

International Buddhist Voices on Fukushima:

Declarations & Symposia Concerning Nuclear Power:

Questioning the Nuclear Accident: The Future and Religion: 

This is a 7 part series of editorials by Buddhist priests and laypeople long involved in the anti-nuclear movement that was published in the Bukkyo (Buddhist) Times in June and July, 2011.


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