Buddhist Solidarity for Reform (BSR) – South Korea

Min Yong Lee (center) INEB Executive Committee and BSR Co-Representative

We, Korean Buddhists, feel deep sorrow and give our heart-felt condolences to our Japanese neighbors at the devastation of the natural disasters in Japan. May Buddhist spirits help you overcome all these disasters. We hope and we are sure that you will quickly recover from these difficulties. Herewith, we raised some funds among the members of Buddhist Solidarity for Reform (參與佛敎在家連帶) which may help you in some way. We raised it through a donation foundation, “We Together for the Good (아름다운 同行)“ of the Chogye Order (曹溪宗) of Korean Buddhism. Again, we hope you quickly recover from all these disasters.

In Dhamma,

Kim, Dong-Gun

Standing Chair of Co-representative of Buddhist Solidarity for Reform

參與佛敎在家連帶 常任代表

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