The Rinbutsuken Institute for Engaged Buddhism


Contemplative Care & Spirituality: Going Beyond Mindfulness Practice for Being with Suffering & Grief Public Symposium presented by the Rinbutsuken Institute for Engaged Buddhism, the Sophia University Institute of Grief Care, and the Tokyo Jikei Medical University Palliative Care Center (November 4, 2017)

Considering Life (Inochi) Care: What Sort of Spiritual Care can be Adapted to Japanese Spirituality? Public Symposium sponsored by the Rinbutsuken Institute for Engaged Buddhism and the Kyoto University Kokoro (Heart-Mind) Center Kyoto (September 15, 2016)

Contemplative Engagement: The Development of Buddhist Chaplaincy in the United States & Its Meaning for Japan by Jonathan S. Watts and Rev. Jin Hitoshi (November 2015)

The Rinsho Buddhism Chaplaincy Training Program  (2013->)

The Potential of Rinsho Buddhism and Developing Buddhist Chaplaincy in Post 3/11 Japan November, 2012

Update on Psycho-Spiritual Care Work in the Tsunami Areas November 20, 2011

Summer Camp for Fukushima Kids August 3, 20011

Emergency Aid during the Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster April 9, 20011

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