Offer for Mid- and Long-term Evacuation to Safer Areas

For connecting from a nuclear disaster to a future that protects life

April 10, 2011

There is a need for evacuating to safer areas for a period of 3 months children, those who are not yet adults, and pregnant women. Specifically, there will be an influence on children’s health for the next 20 years, and we are concerned about the danger of exposure to radioactivity within their bodies. Thus, we have been thinking that as radioactivity is continuing to emit from the Fukushima reactors, there is a need to evacuate for 3 months to safer areas until the situation calms down.

In the case of adults, one should carefully observe one’s condition and any effects for a month. According to the Japanese government’s “Law Relating to the Prevention of Radioactive Injury by Plutonium Waves”, in cases in which exposure of 1.3 milli-sieverts over 3 months can be exceeded, then a radioactive boundary should be established. If you convert this figure to the short term, it comes to 0.6 micro-sieverts per hour. According to instructions, if you have been exposed to 0.6 micro-sieverts/hour of radioactivity in the atmosphere for over one month, then it is best to find an evacuation place.

Since 1993 we have been organizing a network of approximately 800 religious persons (Buddhist, Christian, Shinto and others) from all over the country. In the face of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, we are offering evacuation and lodging for up to 3 months for children and pregnant women.

We feel very strongly that there has not be a sufficient taking of responsibility to respond to the expanded incident and subsequent danger. Since the beginning of our network, we have brought forth formal complaints about the dangers of various aspects of nuclear power plants, such as its susceptibility to tsunamis and so forth, and predicted the kind of current situation we are in. However, we strongly regret that we could not mobilize local governments and businesses to work on this issue and to persuade citizens to foresee the kind of serious damage that can be caused by nuclear plants in order to avoid the disaster this time.

There needs to be different measures taken for evacuees than in accidents in the past. The earthquake, tsunami, and then nuclear accidents which followed one another in Fukushima constitute a nuclear disaster. This is of an entirely different nature from a singular natural disaster. It will not be fundamentally resolved by extending the measures towards disasters that we have already experienced. We need to move as far away as possible from the nuclear radiation zone

Due to the unclear information at present, we have judged from our position as religious persons that it is necessary to offer evacuation to the people in the disaster areas. While there is government and mass media information, there is also a lot of information flying about on the internet that comes from domestic and international sources. It can be said that it’s a very difficult situation to see through to the reality when the information one wants is not readily available on one hand and one falls into the chaos of a deluge of information on the other. In this way, from the basis of the respect for life, we as religious persons deeply confronting the problem of nuclear power and exposure and illness from nuclear radiation, have judged that it is necessary to offer evacuation services to people in the disaster areas.

If you desire evacuation: There is the possibility of using the domiciles or facilities prepared by our network. Please contact us at:

While we are offering evacuation services, the circumstances of each household are of course different. Buddhist and Christian priests involved in the network will make efforts to overcome these difficulties together through counseling with individuals.

For Inquiries: make a call or send a mail(Evacuation #110). Please use the following flow chart. This chart is not to be used for inciting anxiety amongst disaster victims. We have created it as a resource for making level-headed judgments on the reality of safe living.

1)      In your family do you have children who have not yet entered school or women who are pregnant?

a)      If NO –>  In your family is there anyone who is not yet an adult (19 years old)

b)      If NO –> In your region or area has there been nuclear radiation in the atmosphere of 0.6 micro-sieverts per hour continuing for over a month?

c)      If NO –> please monitor any changes from now on

If YES to 1a) or 1b) –> A nuclear disaster is different from other disasters. Please exchange and share information à contact us

If YES to 1) –> Do you have parents or close relatives who live at least 300 kms away?

If NO –> Are you looking for a place to evacuate to? If YES à contact us

If YES –> Do you need consultation about evacuating? If YES à contact us

About the Evacuation Centers

There is the possibility of using the domiciles or facilities prepared by our network. We have put on our homepage information on at least 30 such places. Further, the Jodo Shin Otani Pure Land Denomination and the Japan Baptist Convention are both offering their temples and churches all over Japan to those in need.

About the length of evacuation

Please consider a period of evacuation of 3 months. There can be a consultation if extended time is needed. To insure the safety of your evacuation, please inform us thoroughly of your future living plans. In the actual evacuation process, we will have the cooperation of the Kansai volunteer group Re:Birth Japan. Please be patient our related administration as this is a relief operation

Please contact us at your convenience!

Inter Faith Forum for the Review of National Nuclear Policy
Fukushima Office:
Kosho-ji Temple (Jodo Shin Otani Pure Land Denomination)
Tel: 0242-83-2770

Tokyo Office:
Juko-in Temple (Jodo Pure Land Denomination)
Tel: 03-3651-3175


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