INEB EC/AC Logistics Guideline

2012 INEB Executive Meeting and International Forum

The Wisdom of Interbeing & The Art of Happiness

A Buddhist Approach to Rebuilding Our Society and Ensuring Our Future 

November 6-10, 2012

Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship

Yokohama, Japan

Logistics Guide


Early November in November is one of the best times of year. The weather is dry and cool and clear. Average day temperatures are between 15-20 degrees and at night between 10-15 degrees.

first snow of the year on Mt. Fuji Oct. 22 (click to enlarge!)
first snow of the year on Mt. Fuji Oct. 22 (click to enlarge!)

Money Exchange

It is best if everyone exchanges money at the airport. Many Japanese banks, but not all, do foreign currency exchange but it is not easy or convenient. There is a currency exchange booth at Yokohama Station (1 station stop from Kodosan Temple) in front of the exit from the Tokyu Toyoko train line.

Japanese bank ATMs do not have cashing service for foreign credit cards, but 7-11 convenience stores and Japan Post Office ATMS both do have foreign cashing services for credit cards (with your own PIN number). There is a 7-11 across the street from Kodosan temple from which you can get cash using a foreign credit card and it is open 24 hours-a-day.

Pick-up at the Airport

We plan to meet everyone who is arriving on Nov. 5th at either Narita or Haneda Airports. On arrival, one of our JNEB members will meet you in the arrival lobby and put you on a bus or train bound for Yokohama Station where you will be met by another JNEB staff and escorted to Kodosan Temple nearby. We do ask you to pay your own bus or train cost for this journey from the airport to Yokohama. From Narita Airport, the bus is 3,500 yen; the regular train 1,890 yen and the express train 4,180 yen – all around 1.5-2 hrs one way. From Haneda Airport, the regular train is 440 yen and the bus 560 yen – both around 30 minutes.


Accommodation and meals for EC/AC members will be provided without charge from the evening of Nov. 5th through the morning of the Nov. 11th at the Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship in Yokohama. The members who will join the Fukushima study trip will spend the first night of the 5th at the temple of Rev. OKochi (Kenju-in Temple) in downtown Tokyo (you will be sent there directly from the airport) and the second night of the 6th at a Zen temple in Fukushima.

At Kodosan temple, there will be 3 main shared rooms for: monks, women, and lay men in Japanese style of sleeping on fold up mattresses on the floor. Large shower and changing rooms for men and women where you can hand wash small amounts of clothes are located right next to your rooms. If you need to do a large amount of laundry, there is a coin laundromat nearby. The temple is located in downtown Yokohama so many necessary items like medicines, toiletries, etc. can be bought within a 5 minute walk from the temple at either a convenience store, super market or other such store.

Changing room outside shower room
Shower Room
Sample Room for Laymen
Sample Room Monks or Women


Please bring electronic appliance adapted fro 110 voltage and must be with the two-pronged plugs (U.S.A. type).

Important number to call in case of emergency

  1. Mr. Jonathan Watts (080-8911-5114 inside Japan; 81-80-8911-5114 from overseas)
  2. Mr. Ryu Yabana (080-3532-1278 inside Japan; +81 and drop the 0 as above)
Address of the temple:
Kodo Kyodan Honbutsuden
38 Torigoe, Kanagawa-ku
Yokohama 221-0064
Tel: 045-432-1201
Train Station: JR Higashi Kanagawa Station (one stop from Yokohama Station)

Useful things to bring

  • Bath towel
  • Warm clothes for people from southern countries (see weather above)
  • More coming (if you have any ideas, please suggest)
Backround Reading:
  • For those interested in learning more about Japanese Buddhism in general and contemporary social engagement, see the readings page for Jon Watts’ university class on Japanese Engaged Buddhism.

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