Buddhists and Khmer Society Network (BKSN) – Cambodia

On March 15, BKSN organized a Buddhist ceremony in order to share merit with the victims and pray for peace for the Japanese people affected by the fearful and devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We were able to collect $449 to contribute to reduce difficulties of Japanese friends and it was directly donated to a Counselor of the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia Mr. Tatsuya Machida who attended the ceremony. At the same time, BKSN also handed a Condolence Letter to Japanese People and their Government of Japan. click here to see the video clip from Cambodian TV of the ceremony held together with Mr. Tatsuya Machida of the Japanese embassy and Mr. Sotha Ros (INEB Executive Committee).

    No. BKSN/02/011       Date: 15 March 2554/2011

    Condolence Letter to the Government and People of Japan

    The Buddhists and Khmer Society Network (BKSN) consists of 30 Buddhist organizations, intellectuals and engaged Buddhists around the country of Cambodia and the world, would like to express our sincere sadness, metta (loving-kindness) and karuna (sympathy) to all Japanese people who are being affected by the fearful and devastated earth quake and tsunami.

    Please allow us to share your suffering and loss. We, as BKSN members are with you all at all times, and are humbly willing to do whatever we can from here in order to release your difficulties.

    We would like to pray for those who have been passed away by the disaster to reborn in a prosperous and a peaceful world. We also wish the people who are being suffered to soon be released from all pain and difficulties. Finally, we strongly believe that, with your traditional strong will and capacity, you will quickly recover from it.

    May all Japanese people live out of fear and suffering!

    Representative of BKSN  Ubasak Sotha Ros



    Office Address: House #1B, Street 87BT, Sankat Boeng Tumpun, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh.

    Email: rossotha@yahoo.com; HPs: 012 766 045/012 615 081/012 626 075

    Website: http://www.bksn.wordpress.com; http://www.mluppreahthor.org

    Buddhists and Khmer Society Network (BKSN)

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