Message to the Japanese People from the World Fellowship of Buddhists

March 16, 2011

With so many troubles affecting the stability and peace of the world, many of which are based on materialistic gains, such an overwhelmingly heartbreaking natural disaster of unprecedented proportions starkly reminds us that we are all of the same vulnerable human family. It is impossible to not be shocked and deeply distressed to witness the destruction of homes, industries, infrastructure, and most importantly the lives and wellbeing of our extended global families.

            Our emotions of overwhelming concern and sympathy are unreservedly extended to the families who have lost loved ones; and to the injured, we wish that they will receive all necessary support towards their earliest recovery. The affects will be felt for a long time, and we are compelled to extend our compassionate support in any way that we can to ensure that the terrible situation is not born alone by our Japanese friends.

            In times of immense crisis and human distress, there are no divisions of race, religion, or culture—just grandparents, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, children, babies and people; people that are as real as our very own beloved family members and friends. Please know that the sorrow of the Japanese Nation is shared in the saddest of contemplation by all members of the World Fellowship of Buddhists and all compassionate people around the world.

            The world’s reaction of shock, including messages of sympathy and condolences combined with practical assistance, has clearly indicated that humankind has not lost the ability to love and care for one and other, reaching out with the hand of comfort, aid, and support in times of need. On many occasions in history the Japanese Nation has faced great difficulties and suffering, on each occasion estimably displaying their fortitude and practical ability to overcome and in due course prosper. It is our sincere wish that the following period to full recovery will be as short as possible.

            With globalisation, the nations of the world are entwined in such a way that the pain of one nation is felt by all. This disaster is a disaster for all human beings. Also, offering our most sincere condolences for all losses of life, we join with the Japanese people in their sorrow, prayers, and efforts to deal with the enormous challenges that are to be faced and overcome.

With the utmost concern and respect, yours in the Dharma,

Phan Wannamethee

President – The World Fellowship of Buddhists

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