IBEC Facilities and Staff


Located at the headquarters of the Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship in downtown Yokohama, the Center has access to a wide range of facilities. For the Center to be more suitable to international use, certain facilities will need to be improved and expanded.

  • regular small meeting rooms for meditation and study sessions (main Buddha hall, B1 Ohiroma and adjoining tatami rooms)
  • larger meeting rooms for conferences, symposium, or workshops (main Buddha hall, B1 Ohiroma)
  • 1-4 full service apartments (1-2 persons) for student interns, engaged Buddhist residents, and special visitors (Dokushin-ryo)
  • 3 larger lodging halls for conference, symposium, or workshop (large1: 30 max, tatami1: 10 max; tatami 2: 10 max)
  • retreat center for workshops, small conferences, and practice retreats (Hayama Retreat Center, 70 max)
  • Satellite venues (JNEB network): Kenju-in Temple, central Tokyo (main hall 80max, meeting room 30 max, lodging apartment 2-4 max)


The Center is supported quite strongly by both the staff of the Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship and the wider volunteer network of JNEB members. However, for the Center to be more capable in its international work, specific ICEB staff with English and Japanese abilities is needed.

  • Full time coordinator/resident (Watts)
  • Assistant for international work and coordination (student intern)
  • Assistant for domestic work and Japanese language translation (local Japanese)
  • Events staff (Kodosan staff & JNEB volunteers)
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