IBEC Endorsers & Partners


  • Princeton University Office of the Dean of Religious Life (USA)
  • The INEB Institute (Thailand)
  • Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program (USA)
  • Inter-religious Climate and Ecology Network (South Korea)
  • Deer Park Institute (India)
  • Nagaloka Centre (India)
  • Foundation for His Sacred Majesty (India)
  • Wongsanit Ashram (Thailand)
  • International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)


  • AYUS International Buddhist Cooperation Network
  • The Rinbutsuken Institute for Socially Engaged Buddhism
  • Inter Faith Forum for the Review of National Nuclear Policy
  • Association of Buddhist Priests Confronting Self-death and Suicide
  • Ryukoku University Research Center for Buddhist Cultures in Asia (BARC)
  • Sophia University Institute of Grief Care
  • Buddhist NGO Network (BNN)
  • The Religious and Scholarly Eco Initiative (RSE)
  • Nipponzan Myohoji Peace Pagoda
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