Detailed Conference Program

Re-Awakening to Our Inter-connected World

1st International Conference on

Buddhism, Suicide Prevention, and Psycho-Spiritual Counseling


Agenda for Kanto Program

@ Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship, Yokohama

  • Intensive Presentation of Case Studies: Since it will be difficult to understand the background of each other’s work and activities right away and participate in more collaborative workshop style meeting, we feel it necessary for the first half of the conference held in Yokohama to be more focused on presentations and learning of each other’s activities and viewpoints
  • Case Studies by Speakers should deepen our skills in counseling and understanding how confront suicide with our understanding of our own tradition’s faith and teaching. Speakers should pay attention to the following 5 points in preparing their talks: 1) purpose of your activities, 2) contents of your basic philosophy and training, 3) effectiveness and lingering issues, 4) how your faith informs your activities, 5) doctrinal understanding of suicide
  • Each presentation will be approximately 20 minutes followed by questions for another 20 minutes


schedule3Agenda for Kansai Program

November 9 (Thurs)


6:00 Morning Service at the Nishi Hongan-ji Temple (optional)

7:30 Breakfast

9:00 Departure for Dendo-in Temple

Conference @ Dendo-in Temple

9:40 Welcome

9:50 Part 1: Towards a Joint Approach to the Issues surrounding Suicide & Self-death

1. The Present Situation and Issues concerning Self-death in the Kansai Region – Ms. Kyoko Murasawa (Kyoto Comprehensive Center for Mental Health and Welfare)

2. Changes in the View of Suicide in Japan by Looking at the Terms “Self-death” (ji-shi) and “Suicide” (ji-satsu) – Rev. Sei Noro (Ryukoku University)

3. Introducing Training Methods through Examples of Counseling Groups- Representative from the Kyoto Suicide and Self-death Consultation Center

※about 30 mins per presentation including questions

11:40 Lunch

12:50 Part 2: Issues and the Present Situation of the Activities of Religious Professionals in Japan for Suicide Prevention in the Kansai region

  1. Rev. Kazuhiro Sekimoto (Osaka Suicide Prevention Center, Yuzu Nenbutsu Sect)
  2. Yukiko Takami (Remember: The Nagoya Association of Bereaved Families from Self-death)
  3. Rev. Ryogo Takemoto (Kyoto Self-Death & Suicide Counseling Center,

Honganji Jodo Shin Sect Research Institute)

※about 30 mins per presentation including questions

14:40 Break

14:50 Part 3: Activities by Foreign Religious Professionals Concerning Suicide

  1. Ven. Huei Kai – Professor in Department of Life and Death Studies at Nan Hua University; Dean of College of Buddhist Studies of Fo Guang University, Taiwan
  2. Ven. Kuppiyawatta Bodhananda – Founder of Mithuru Mithuro Movement (center for drug rehabilitation & human values development), Sri Lanka
  3. Rev. Jinji Eika Willingham – M.A., C.Phil., Clinical Psychotherapist & Hospital Chaplain, Austin Zen Contemplative Care, USA

※about 40 mins per presentation including questions

17:10 Break

17:20 Part 4: Panel Discussion

※Facilitator Rev. Sei Noro (Ryukoku University)

18:00 Closing Comments

18:10 End

19:30 Reception(location undecided)


November 10 (Friday)


6:00 Morning Service at the Nishi Hongan-ji Temple (optional)

7:30 Breakfast

9:00-11:30 Group representative consultation on future cooperative activities

    (20 persons maximum)

Public Symposium @ Ryukoku University Avanti Kyoto Hall

Comprehensive Discussion on the Presentations from both Kanto and Kansai

13:00 Welcome

13:15 Keynote Speech on the Textual Stance towards Suicide by Prof. Shizuka Sasaki

(Professor of Indian Buddhist Studies and the Vinaya, Hanazano University – Rinzai Zen denomination)

14:15   Break

14:30   Conference Reports (15 mins each)

  • Report from Japanese (Kanto region: Rev. Yukan Ogawa/Rev. Zenchi Uno)
  • Report from Japanese (Kansai region: Rev. Sei Noro)
  • Report from Foreign Participants (Prof. Elaine Yuen)

15:30  Break

15:40  Discussion (Moderated by Rev. Shojun Okano) with Rev. Noro, Rev. Ogawa/Uno, Prof. Yuen, Dr. Prawate

16:40  Presentation of Collective Statement

16:50  Break: Collection of Questions sheets

17:00  Question & Answer

17:30  Closing Remarks

17:40  End





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