Meeting #4 Buddhist Meditation Practice for the Traumatized and Mentally Ill

Theme: Buddhist Meditation Practice for the Traumatized and Mentally Ill with Ven. Zinai (Taiwan) and Rev. Soin Fujio (Japan). Ven. Zinai will present various meditation Vipassana practices: 1) using visual ‘Open Focus’ to shift the mode of a narrow focus to open focus, 2) short version of practicing mindfulness in body, feelings, minds, and thoughts, 3) mindfulness of breathing meditation, and 4) discerning impermanence and non-self in mindfulness of breathing and body scan. She will also give a short introduction on how to help meditators to overcome their negative/traumatized experiences using Eugene Gendlin’s ‘Focusing’ method.  Rev. Fujio has worked with the suicidal and mentally ill for many years. He will present not only on Za-zen, practiced while sitting on a cushion or chair, but also Do-zen, Zen meditation through movement, based on his 40 year practice of Tai-Chi as a master of Yan Ming-Shi school. He will also briefly introduce Ritsu-zen, Zen meditation in a standing position, and Ga-zen, Zen meditation in a lying or sleeping ​position.

Guided Meditation with Ven. Zinai

Guided Meditation with Rev. Fujio

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